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GIIVX Stakeholder Workshop

20th June 2017 - 21st June 2017
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The first stakeholder workshop on impact measurement has already brought valuable insight for our scientific team concerning impact measurement details. GIIVX is already planning its next stakeholder workshop, which is going to be an international one held in English, for June 21st in the morning after an evening networking event on June 20th for those who are arriving in Vienna earlier.

GIIVX Stakeholder Workshop Summary

Based on the presentation at the first GIIVX Stakeholder Workshop this summary is intended to give a short overview of the stage of development of the GIIVX Impact Measurement Approach (GIMA) concept and some key findings of the first stakeholder workshop

Key Inputs form the first GIIVX Stakeholder Workshop:
 Life cycle thinking is important
 Negative and positive impacts have to be considered
 Showing that triple-bottom-lLine is considered as a prerequisite / basis – but is
not equal to achieving impact
 Definition of problem addressed by the project, goal and strategy as important
criteria from all participants.
 Offered solutions must always consider the specifics of the location/region and
the needs of the locals.
 Stay as “lean” as possible when measuring the impact – max. 5 KPIs would be
sufficient for most investors. For the project, it is important to have as little
extra obligations regarding measurement as possible to avoid overwhelming
by reporting obligations. The depth of the necessary reporting could be linked
to the amount of requested capital (more money = more obligations).
 How could time delays in achieving impact be considered – e.g. in the field of
 Being more transparent and accountable than average should be rewarded
 Output vs. Outcome – Link between (measurable) output and expected
positive outcome should be clear.
 Balance between obligatory indicators and KPIs suggested by the project

More information: http://www.giivx.com/


Start: 20th June 2017
End: 21st June 2017


Venue Name:
Address: Vienna, Austria
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