Impact Investing World Forum 2017

Social Impact Investment Hub Professor Balthazar took part in the Impact Investing World Forum 2017 that was held in London on 23rd – 24th March. The forum was organized by the Said Business School of the University of Oxford and the KPMG.

The forum provided thorough insight into impact investing and the social impact challenge, latest trends in impact investment worldwide 2017-2018 and emerging opportunities in impact investment sector worldwide.

The trend and opportunities in the landscape of social impact investment research were elaborated as the academic contribution by the Said Business School of the University of Oxford, very relevant for better understanding of the future of the impact investing sector.

David Galipeau, Global Chief of the United Nations Social Impact Fund ephasized the correlation between the United Nation’s sustainable Development Goals and impact investing.

The part covering the measuring of the social impact and its importance to investors was very well covered. New KPIs for measuring success in social impact investing and business value of impact measurement were deeply discussed in interesting panels – emphasizing that taking a lean approach when measuring social impact may be better for social businesses than big data.

A full day was devoted to access to finance for social impact businesses. Challenges in setting up and launching an impact investment fund was very valuable for our organization as we are just in process of setting up a Social impact venture fund for Croatia and Western Balkans.

A good overview of the link between social impact bonds, charities and social enterpreneurs and models of incorporating social and sustainability bonds into a portfolio was given. An idea of creating a „Social Merchant Bank“ by social enterpreneurs for social enterpreneurs was presented and our organization contributed to the panel by presenting the first Ethical bank that is about to start working in Croatia in September 2017. Crowdfunding for impact investment was another interesting content.

The forum provided different case studies from all around the world, out of which the one on Investing in planet’s most environmentally sustainable cruise ship was the most challenging.

Renata Brkić

Social Impact Investment Hub Professor Balthazar

WBAF Commissioner for Croatia

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