Marijn Bergsma

Marijn Bergsma is Investor Matchmaker at BiD Network; an Amsterdam based organization that supports emerging market entrepreneurs in getting access to finance. At BiD Network, Marijn is responsible for co-managing the investor network and he has been involved in the creation of a Fund for Somali entrepreneurs and the hosting of Africa’s regional finals of the Get in the Ring competition. Previously Marijn started an advisory business providing catalytic solutions for SME financiers, notably developing a credit scoring tool for a large East African Bank and creating loan products specifically targeted at SME entrepreneurs. Together with his wife Eva he invested in a Tanzanian business, firsthand experiencing the impact of providing developing market entrepreneurs with access to capital. Marijn studied entrepreneurship at the University of Amsterdam and International Business Economics at the University of Maastricht and the Auckland University of Technology. He has worked and studied on five different continents and especially developed extensive experience across Africa.