Pymwymic Report on ‘What it really takes to be a value-add investor’

Pymwymic has published a new report how they impact investors, contribute to or constrain the success of their investee companies. In the  report entitled ‘What it really takes to be a value-add investor’, Pymwymic interview 20 experienced impact investors, who invest in a range of private companies in their early, growth and mature stages.Their reflections circle around nine themes:

  • Build a relationship with management
  • Know you value-add… and the limits thereof
  • Guide the company to the next level of maturity
  • Remain committed to high business standards
  • Be prepared to deal with sudden drawback
  • Make a conscious decision about control
  • Act on your responsibility as a board member
  • Be aware of which hat you are wearing
  • Know when it is time to go

This report has been written in association with Triodos Investment Management and supported by Blue Haven Initiative and Omidyar Network.

Download link here

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